We build and operate for the long term. APPLE is involved in projects which directly 
enhance and improve the lives of people and their communities – from hospitals, 
residential communities, schools, hotels, office and retail developments, security, fire detection and prevention systems to power and water management.

Good citizenship is an integral part of our business mission. We seek to create positive and 
long-lasting relationships with all of our stakeholders by operating in a responsible and caring manner


Our aim is to ensure that no harm to our employees' health occurs as a result of our activities and to improve the monitoring and control of those activities which have the potential to impact on health.


APPLE seeks to utilise the full talents of all its people and create a safe, healthy, challenging, rewarding, participative and fair working environment for all employees.


Our goal is to prevent harm to the environment as a result of our actions. We monitor our performance across a range of environmental indicators and benchmark our progress.


Maintaining a first-class safety culture is key to our business, and we continue to make good progress.